Tuesday, May 21, 2024

Amos 8:1-12, A Linocut Project by Gabriel Oakes

The image below can be greatly enlarged by clicking it: 

Here is an excerpt from Gabriel's own explanation of the linocut: "The societal connotations of fruit as a sign of abundance are quickly evoked through bold fruits and bright colors in the piece. However, as one looks closer, it becomes clear that all is not well. The background of the image is filled with swarms of bugs, a sign of the imminent destruction and defilement of the fruit. The bugs in the image are a creative embellishment on the text, meant to illustrate the theme of God’ s destruction and the lack of purity in even the seemingly good members of society, who are castigated in the pericope for their abuse of the poor and needy from their positions of community trust and economic power." 


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