Tuesday, May 07, 2024

Psalm 13: Music Video Project by Katie Spero

 Graduating M.Div. senior Katie Spero wrote music and produced this music video as her final project in my VTS Psalms Course. At the beginning of her middle year of seminary at VTS, Katie received a cancer diagnosis and entered into a prolonged period of suffering. Feeling plunged into the darkness of chaos, loss, and fear lead her to cry out to God like the suppliant of Psalm 13. "How Long?" In the essay accompanying the video, Katie writes: I agree with James Mays’ idea that the faithful “are simultaneously the anxious, fearful, dying, historical person who cannot find God where we want God to be, and the elect with a second history, a salvation history, a life hid with Christ in God.” The tone of the song [of Psalm 13] is uplifting, even inspirational, while the words express depths of despair and turmoil.


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