Saturday, August 05, 2006

A Good Testimonial

I recently came across a blog with a great testimonial to the value of being serious about Hebrew and Greek at seminary.

The author has taken a year of Hebrew and is currently taking Greek in an intensive summer session. She is pouring herself into both languages with a passion. You can see the actual blog entry in question here. Here are a few excerpts:

...It’s been absolutely phenomenal. It’s opened up the Scriptures like never before. There is far more than I can possibly take in. I’m constantly seeing new things—some are theologically significant and others are just interesting...

...There is such a fullness in Scripture that I want to see as much of it as possible, not to rely on the product of another [person]’s interpretation. I may often arrive at the same conclusions, but I still want to get there on my own. Plus I just love spending time with God in [God']s word. I can never get enough of reading and studying Scripture. This is why I’m willing to wake up before 3:00 in the morning and drive over two hours every day to attend Greek classes before a full day’s work.


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