Saturday, August 19, 2006

An Interview with My OT Colleague

Wow! I just came across a fun interview with my VTS Colleague, Dr. Judy Fentress-Williams. It was done a few months ago by Klara Tammany, Missioner for Christian Education and Formation for the Episcopal Diocese of Maryland. To read the entire interview, click here. Here is a short excerpt:

I met her in May 2005 when she gave a lecture for our annual series called the “Diocesan School of Theology.” The focus for the series was the call to study Scripture. The first of four speakers, Judy was the star! No one wanted to leave, and informal conversation continued for a long while after she finished her presentation.

Scripture for Judy is personal, practical, and powerful. At the end of the hour with her, we felt the same and, more importantly, we knew why. Her energy and enthusiasm is infectious, her knowledge conveyed in a scholarly yet accessible and creative way. Judy has always been enchanted with the Bible. As a girl growing up in rural New Jersey, she was spellbound by the stories and mesmerized by the beauty of the language.

Her journey began at the age of four when, according to her family’s oral tradition, she began reading the Bible...


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