Monday, September 11, 2006

9-11 and my 9-11 Poll: Please Vote

Well, we have about 30 visits per day to this site now, but only 7 people have taken the new poll. It concerns 9-11 and the possibility of forgiveness, so today might be a good day to vote. Once we get a good sample of votes, I can create a blog-post about what it all might mean. The poll is in partnership with the MAR-SBL site, and can be accessed here.

The poll asks whether or not there should be some sort of garden or other dedicated space centered on "forgiveness" at or near "Ground Zero" in NYC. This is how those making this suggestion put their goal:
Simply put, we want to put forgiveness on the menu. Forgiveness is a means through which we create the future--a future free of repaying violence for violence and pursuing the desire for revenge.



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