Wednesday, July 26, 2006

Adam and Eve - Testament Series

A few months ago, someone posted this 10-minute animation clip on YouTube. The Testament production, done back in 1998, was a nine-part mini-series produced by the BBC, Channel 4 Wales and Christmas Films of Moscow. Many consider it worthy of attention. Each episode is based on a story from the Old Testament, and most do an admirable job of editing their narratives down to about 30 minutes while fleshing out their characters with all their hopes and doubts. While these shorts are appropriate for children, they do not talk down to the kids in their audience, nor do they spike the works with time-travelling archaeologists and other juvenile North American gimmicks; instead, they exhibit a more mature regard for their subject matter that attempts to appeal to adult animation fans. This clip edits out the "Creation and Fall" sequence from a larger "Creation and Flood" episdode. This particular sequence uses a technique of computer manipulation of paintings, which many find beautiful. What will surely raise eyebrows for biblical scholars is the identification of the serpent with Satan/Lucifer. This is a classical move, but of course is not found explicitely in the Genesis story itself.


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