Sunday, August 06, 2006

Update: Biblical Language Program in Renk, Sudan

Just received an update on Jo Bailey Wells mission to Renk:

Jo is well. She is safely in Renk, after an air conditioned bus ride down the newly tarmacked road from Khartoum. The weather is comparable to North Carolina, but without the humidity. She is 'a mile from the Nile'. Everyone is very tall, but extraordinarily friendly. She is not allowed to go out of the compound on her own, but she feels very comfortable in the local priest's dwelling place. Classes start on Monday, and a cathedral service awaits in the morning; preaching will wait till next weekend. Her main energies are focused on a book her Duke colleague Susan Eastman gave her just as she set off - a collection of letters home from a nineteenth century missionary - which is completely absorbing. A reassuring sight is the ubiquity of Duke T shirts - proudly worn by many of the people she meets. Truly a global brand.

Here is a beautiful photo of the new Renk Cathedral that Elizabeth F. gave me a few days ago, beautifully framed, after her mission to Renk. These are the natural colors at the time of the evening:


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