Wednesday, December 13, 2006

Upcoming Lecture: Science and Faith

If you live in the DC or Northern Virginia area, mark your calendars for the evening of February 28, 2007. I've helped coordinate a lecture here at Virginia Theological Seminary by Dr. John F. Haught, Distinguished Research Professor, Department of Theology, Georgetown University. He'll be speaking on "What's at Stake in the Current Evolution / Intelligent-Design Controversy?" Specifically, he'll address such questions as: How do we think about God and Evolution in today's world? What is really at stake in the current culture wars over this question? He uses a lot of technology in his presentations, so this event promises to be extra exciting.

By the way, there's currently a whole lot of excitement about this amazing new annimation of the inner life of a cell. It even made ABC World News last night. Charles Gibson claimed it made him want to go back to the university and take more biology!


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