Tuesday, January 16, 2007

Update on Sudan Program in Biblical Languages

I have word from Duke and Ellen Davis today that our ECUSA missioner to Sudan, Lauren Stanley, has been told it should be safe for her to return to Sudan, hopefully by this coming April. If all goes well, Ellen, my student Phoebe Roaf, and their whole group should be able to have their visas reactivated this Spring for likely travel to Sudan in late June to mid-July! Praise God!

At the moment over in Renk there has been a Hebrew session taught last week (by local staff?) that went quite well. Also, Alan Storey from South Africa is currently there, and requests our continuing thoughts and prayers. I shall post any updates on all this as I recieve them.


Blogger Targuman said...

Heh! I didn't know Phoebe was your student! Please give her my regards and tell her she is in our prayers! (Assuming this is Phoebe Roaf from NOLA. Well, I will pray for Phoebe no matter where she is from! :-)

This is a great program, may God continue to bless it!

Wed Jan 17, 02:12:00 PM GMT-5  

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