Friday, April 20, 2007

And then there was one...

Just One Left

Well, the search for dean and president is down to one candidate. The Search Committee is expressing emphatic support for and unanimous confidence in Dr. Ian Markham as a candidate. Dr. Markham will be visiting the VTS campus shortly for meetings and interviews with trustees, faculty, staff, and students.


Blogger Peter Carey said...


Interesting times, I suppose the original plan of having 3 or 4 finalists may have been the more prudent plan. But that is monday-morning quarterbacking!

Any OT/Hebrew Scripture passages or theology that could help ground our understanding and discernment of the current news of the process?

Perhaps young David who was the only one willing to slay Goliath. Perhaps Amos, a mere dresser of sycamore trees (since Dr. Markham is not ordained (will be ordained to the transitional diaconate in June))...or in the NT..."those who would lose (their tenure), for my sake would gain it"?


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