Wednesday, April 02, 2008

Eisenbrauns' April 1st "Releases"

Hearty thanks to Susan Sullivan for forwarding me these links:

Cuneiform type elements for the IBM Selectric

Cuneiform type elements for the IBM Selectric

by A.P. Ril
Winged Bull Press, 2008
Akkadian, Sumerian, and Babylonian

List Price: $600.00
Your Price: $540.00
Copyright (c) 2006-2008 Eisenbrauns, Inc.

Bring your beloved typewriter into the modern era with a complete cuneiform character set.

Available as a set of 10 (ten) 96-character elements for the Selectric III, or 21 (twenty-one) 88-character elements for the Selectric I and II. Both sets, made of precision cast pot metal, include the complete catalog of 907 Akkadian characters set as outlined in Borger's Mesopotamische Zeicehenlexikon, as well as characters to indicate lemmas, lunas, and loonies.

Bite Your Tongue

Bite Your Tongue
A Practical Guide to Impractical Phonology

by Hatta Sayyit and Augusta Summer
Edited by Felix Languealchat
Winged Bull Press, 2008
xiv + 150 pages, English
Paper, 5 x 8
List Price: $75.00
Your Price: $67.50

PART 1: Hatta Sayyit examines archaeological phonological evidence for linguists doing field research on ancient phonology. Pottery-wheel gramophonology is examined, along with tablets recently discovered by a group of lost tourists in Egypt, including fifteen new sounds unheard in modern languages.

PART 2: Augusta Summer, of the Winter Institute of Linguistics, steps through a series of training exercises designed to bring you up to date with recent discoveries, enabling you to pronounce these new sounds correctly. This mini-course will teach you how to pronounce all the sounds you'll need, including show-stoppers like the bilabial-glottal fricative (pictured on the cover).
Other exercise include Cat Got Your Tongue, The Double-Dog-Dare Flagpole Tongue Freeze and the amazingly difficult, but equally valuable, Tongue Hold. "The ability to speak multiple laguages is valuable," claims Summer, "but the ability to hold your tongue in one is priceless."



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