Monday, June 30, 2008

Our Seminarian Clarisse Arrives in Sudan

All Saints Cathedral, Khartoum

Good News from Sudan just in from Peter's spouse, Sara. Sara reports that our VTS seminarian Clarisse, whose flights were mixed up, has now made it to Sudan, where she will be teaching in our biblical language program. The photo above (HT: Phoebe Roaf) shows the cathedral in Khartoum mentioned in Sara's note.

Just spoke with an exhausted, but jubilant Clarisse. Her flight into Khartoum was late; she arrived about 2:00 am EAT (Khartoum time). Her Friday flight from Dulles to Heathrow was canceled due to "mechanical failure" so she did not depart until Saturday. Travel snafu does abound unfortunately.

The Sudan caravan will obtain travel permits and depart for the south tomorrow. Based on my brief conversation with Ellen [Davis], they will probably arrive 9:00 p.m. local time. I will be in touch with them during their passage. Ellen sounded pretty chipper for 2:00 am!!

I talked with both Bishop Joseph, and Peter several times today. They are all well, sleep deprived, but cheerful. They went to the local market to stock up on provisions after attending a lengthy ordination service at All Saints Cathedral. Many Bishops present; they were (with others) invited to give greetings from the altar. [Arch]Bishop Hillary was warm and gracious.

They lunched at the Dean of the Cathedral's home on chicken (its siblings seen still pecking in the yard), a sorghum loaf, high in protein and calories, a cousin of bread, I think? and a thick lentil paste. Breakfast was a delicious local "smoothie." The light in Khartoum was brilliant, dazzling, due to dust motes refracted by the sun. Hot, needless to say. Very hot.


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