Monday, July 07, 2008

Free Download: Leviticus by Dr. Kevin Wilson

Bible Briefs: Leviticus

As series editor for the Virginia Seminary / Forward Movement Bible Briefs project, I'm delighted to announce the online publication of Leviticus by Dr. Kevin A. Wilson. To download this brand new 19-page booklet as a PDF file, right-click here. To view today's press release on this publication by Susan Shillinglaw, VTS Public Affairs Director, click here. To access all Bible Briefs currently available, click here.

Here is the quote that I gave for the press release: "Recent scholarship is revitalizing interest in priestly literature of the Hebrew Bible such as Leviticus, rediscovering it as life-giving tradition that informed and complimented the prophetic word. To read Dr. Wilson's new introduction to Leviticus is to appreciate anew God's gifts of holiness, ritual, and wholeness. Wilson's booklet gives the church an easy entree into scholars' new regard for the Bible's priestly theologies."


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