Tuesday, February 10, 2009

New Update from Khartoum

Renk Theological College, Sudan
Susan's husband Roger has emailed this update: I talked with Susan and Lauren about 8:30 this morning. Susan got a good night’s sleep and had a welcome shower! She has eaten some yogurt (sealed package) and some sort of British muffins (?) – anyway very healthy food, apparently. She sounded good.

The Sudan is 8 hours ahead of us, which means that their business day ends just as ours is starting. Lauren Stanley and I are working with our travel insurance company (very helpful so far) to arrange flights home for Susan. Apparently Lauren can’t arrange any of this until tomorrow morning -- about midnight our time, since it is now about 6 PM in Khartoum. So I’ll expect to send you another message tomorrow morning.

Also, Ellen Davis reports: “Even the Greek show will go on, with all Susan’s materials. So she gets to teach in Renk after all, even if at second hand.”
Thanks for your continuing prayers!


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