Tuesday, April 27, 2010

"Jeremiah 18:6, The Potter" by Lisa Ann Hoffman

A few posts ago I shared an image depicting Isaiah by one of my OT-3 students, Lisa Ann Hoffman, candidate for Holy Orders, Episcopal Diocese of New Jersey. Well, we've been deep into Jeremiah in OT class lately, and we have looked at a second piece of art by Lisa, an image based on Jeremiah's metaphor of God as "potter." Here is the drawing:

Our discussion included reference to the supple nature of reality as revealed by contemporary Chaos Theory, and God's need to work with, and at, shaping a "wobbly" creation that is far from fully stable and predictable. Human history is far from a reflection of God's will (what Heschel spoke of as a type of pantheism) but is rather much more like unpredictable clay on a potter's wheel. One student noted that even an expert potter never really knows when one of her clay vessels might explode in the kiln! Your observations, reflections, and comments are most welcome (click "comments" below).


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