Thursday, January 22, 2009

Prof. Lavatri Alltheorie

I was reading an article today by Jean-Pierre Ruiz, in which he takes a rather postcolonial approach to biblical interpretation, but cautions against becoming a rediculous figure like one "Prof. Lavatri Alltheorie," who is portrayed in Rukun Advani's novel, Beethoven among the Cows. The description of this professor brought quite a smile to my face. She appears in a chapter entitled "S/he, or A Postmodern Chapter on Gender and Identity":

Prof. Alltheorie is A Post-modern theoretician, boa deconstructor, discourse analyst, post-structuralist critic, feminist historian of subalternity, colonialism, and gender. A diasporic Indian academic, she offers courses to packed audiences of white students on the semiology of Deconstruction and the Deconstruction of semiology.


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