Monday, October 11, 2010

Neat Link: NET Bible Maps

I had an inquiry recently about good electronic maps available for parish Bible study. I've posted a bit on this before: click here and here. However, in previous posts I have not mentioned the NET Maps site (click here), which is actually quite extensive and worth bookmarking. The site includes a helpful index of site-names, and a good number of maps both traditional and satellite-based (from ROHR). These maps in turn are hyperlinked to the Google map system. All in all, this is a rich and generous resource to be aware of. It is of special interest when you are away from you laptop and using a smartphone, since at the moment there are no very good Bible-map apps available at the iTunes app store. The only Bible-map that I have on my iPhone besides a link to the NET-Maps is the Manna Maps Bible Study Set within the Olive Tree Bible app. These Manna Maps are nice looking Bible maps to show to folks asking questions on the fly, but they are not indexed or hyperlinked in any way.


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